It’s important to know where our food comes from. More than quality, we expect ecological sustainability and connection to community. That’s why Sodbuster Farms grows only the finest Northwest hops, responsibly harvested by farmers who have been perfecting the practice for generations.

The Willamette Valley of Oregon is our home, rich with hop growing history. Our family farm is owned and operated by Doug Weathers and his wife Audrey, who are joined by their daughter Erica, her husband Jacob, and three grandchildren. There are now four generations on the farm.

We’re committed to quality and environmentally-friendly practices—that’s why we are the largest hops farm in Oregon certified Salmon-Safe©. This ensures that our land will remain beautiful and productive into the future.

Local beer is important to us, so we grow more than fourteen different varieties of aromatic and bittering hops for the vibrant craft brew industry. We also contribute to more than twenty different regional “fresh hop” beers annually.

So the next time you pick up your favorite brew made with hops from Sodbuster Farms, remember that it’s a product of generations of quality and sustainable farming practices, and a commitment to the community in which we grow.

Learn more about our history, our Salmon-Safe certification, or check out pictures and videos on our media page.